• “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

About Me

My name is Lennie-Jay Petchey, I’m 31 (and now I feel old). I’m a mum to a five year old son, one dog and one cat. I guess you will get to know more about me if you are taking the time to read my barely interesting blog.

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Down Days

Ok, so today isn’t one of the normal happy go lucky posts I would normally write. Today has turned into a down day, you will soon get to know that I end up having a lot of these. Todays down day is due to the fact that I have to get back into the swing […]

A Royal Weekend

The queens platinum Jubilee So, one post in and I was already missing in action. We have been far to busy over this weekend. We have had trips to friends houses for BBQ food and drinks followed by a street party and drinks with different friends. Tate made the most of the street party by […]

A Place To Start

So, I guess this is the beginning of me documenting my not that interesting life. My main reason for doing so, is because I like to have somewhere to jot down my random thoughts. Mainly just so I don’t have them all flying about in my pretty hectic mind! As you already know, if you […]

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